Friday, March 24, 2006

work work work

looking to capture the kinetic energy of waves, I've created quite a mess, piling layer after layer after layer of paint upon canvases and paper

acrylics are great for building up transparent layers quickly, letting them flow like the water flows, being able to see what is underneath, how the whole structure is formed.

the oil bars allow the fluidity of drawing. I find it rather funny how the act of creating a rough drawing mark is more of a fluid motion that that of painting with a brush. The brush can more easily create the illusion of fluidity, but the process is often anything but fluid. Drawing, because I don't have to pause to reload a brush with paint, is a continuous, train-of-thought-and-process fluid session of creation.

Since my shoulder surgery in January, I've drawn over 140 waves. And, as I was able to move my arm more than 7 inches, I was able to work bigger. Thank goodness for that. I was starting to go crazy. It's bad enough I can't get in the water yet....

a little winter time inspiration can be gained from all of the surf magazines that seem to be popping up everywhre. Are there really that many surfers? Or are there just that many posers?

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