Sunday, March 26, 2006

Solo Show at FDU

The best parking is across the street from campus, at the tennis courts. The gallery is on the main floor of University Hall. Everyone is encouraged to check this out.

There will be a great contrast betweed black/white and bright colors, as well as between small and large scale. All the emotional, synethetic implications that are associated with such contrasts; contrasts that exist within the same subject.

The paintings address the following contrasts and relationships:
"real"/synesthetic color

The etchings also work with water as the obvious subject but explore themes in a more traditional depiction of the medium. Beyond the multiple prints of an edition relating to the repeated pulsing and crashing of waves, there was a discovery that a drawing tool works in a much more fluid manner than a paint brush often can. Though paint is more fluid, this more like water, in actuality, the process of drawing does not demand as many interruptions, therefore can continue with much greater fluidity. Additionally, the application of ground, the melting of resin, the application of shellac, sumersion in an acid bath, and many times being rinsed in water, demonstrate many more steps that are LITERALLY fluid, in the process of creating an etching plate.

Both aspects of this body of work (painting and etching) are meditations on water and it's close relationship to my creative process. Breathe in the work from a distance, but please, stand close and really look, for that is where most of my time was spent; where the deep meditation happened; gazing into the layers of paint; focusing on a single line...

The next stage of this ongoing project is called 100 Waves (thus the title of the show), and will continue in a new direction after this show. Therefore the pieces shown here in April are the culmination of the first major phase of this long-term project. Be sure to take this rare opportunity to see it all before it's too late.

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