Thursday, December 28, 2017

Always something to learn...

For a little while now, I have had the good fortune of working in the photo studio for this fine company.  I had always had a basic understanding of flash photography, but TTL is just so easy that I had not really been pushed to see how much I really knew.  Working with interior design photographers and designers, in a studio with multiple sets, shooting tethered to a workstation, firing Profoto or Speedotron strobe units, under deadlines, reinforced what I knew and showed me what I needed to learn.  Fortunately, much of the work happened over the past two summers, while I was not teaching.  Additionally, my teaching load has been large, but with curricula that I have refined over the past several years, allowing some time for my own research and learning.  Through support and instruction by the studio photographers I was able to earn Phase One Certified Professional status this past July.

Happy collaborating with designers, assistants, and other team members in a studio setting, I wanted to explore an aspect of photography that was more dynamic with a similar type of team collaboration.  I signed up for a workshop with fashion photographer Lara Jade.  She was very frank about the inner workings of fashion photography.  I found many parallels between fashion and fine art industries.  Of course, I also got to pick up the camera for a bit  (images below).

Model:  Elena
Styling:  Mimi
Makeup and Hair:  Angela and Tim A.

The workshop was thick with information, and left me wanting to know more and to get more time shooting with a real model and creative team.  Wanting to expose myself to a different approach I signed up for another workshop, this time with Shamayim Shacaro.  This workshop was shorter, a little less formal, but full of just as much valuable information.  And, feeling more confident behind the camera, I was able to get some beautiful shots, both in studio and on the street.  (images below, with credits linked to Instagram accounts)

Clothing by @shavilewis  and @modmara
 Model:  @rucelyrose
 Makeup:  @facesbymadge
 Wardrobe stylist:  @styledby_sy
Hair:  @cwillbeaute

Shamayim has an easy going demeanor and volunteers his knowledge freely and frankly.  He likes to record a lot of behind-the-scenes footage of his work, and hired me to to take still and video footage of his last shoot in New York.