Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free to chose a tshirt as art

continuing with the freedom of choice idea....
I decided to limit the color/design combinations of the tshirts to just a few. My experience in the wholesale/retail world has taught me that too much choice paralyzes customers' ability to decide to buy, and you end up with lots of unpurchased inventory.

While alot of my art focuses on repetition, layering, and subtle changes (either thematically or within a single piece of work), it does not have a useful place in the retail world.

Perhaps that is what helps separate "Art" (as an exploration) and "art" (as fashion and decoration).
Although, when put into a historical context, or at least when considering a larger sample of time, fashion and decoration both repeat in cycles (of varying sizes) and DO explore multiple avenues. It's just a matter of time. But, I think the progress is not a quick as "Art" (big A) can be.

Regardless of the reasoning, and whether or not fashion, decoration, and tshirt making (in particular) can stand up on their own as being considered "Art", they certainly can be fun endeavors. Besides, apparel (and none better than tshirts) can be intriguing signifiers of a person's sensibilities and beliefs. Whether the images on the tshirts are signs, signifiers, or whatever is up for debate.

One way or another I've narrowed the tshirts down to some of the better combinations and hope that people enjoy them.

Have a look here