Thursday, April 16, 2015

UPSTREAM BOARDS Launch Party and Reception in Durango

April 24 - 29th, the Lost Dog will host a week of locally made surf boards by a new company called Upstream Boards.  (Bookmark the website.  It will be live later this spring)  There will be a party on April 25th.  Everyone is welcome.

New boards will be hanging on the wall, for show, for sale, for discussion about what you want your custom to be.  I will also have some related artwork on the wall.  Come to the party.  See the boards.  see the art.  If you are cool, you might get a tshirt too.  Either way, it's a party!!!

(photo above shows the six prints on my workbench before being wrapped up and shipped to Colorado for the show)

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Exposed: Exploring The Roots (Vienna, Austria)

April 16 - 26th
is a mixed photographic media show
that connects the history of photography
to the contemporary practice of hand-made photographic imagery today

I am happy to be included in this international show,
and wish I could make it to the opening,
in a city that impressed me years ago,
as one full of history with a genuine appreciation of creative endeavors

Here is a digital catalogue of the show

Below are the six Grand Canyon gravures sitting on my workbench before being shipped to the show.