Monday, November 13, 2006

From The Art of New York

benefit for hurricane Katrina victims

Saturday, November 11, 2006

all framed up

I got my frames in (finally) and made up some extra pieces. Most work looks much more finished in frames so I thought I'd share....

This is watercolor is 6"x12" unframed and the framed size is 12" x 18"

This is actually an etching based on two intersecting waterfalls. I takes lots of inspiration from Japanese wood block prints.
The framed size is about 17" x 19"

This etching is one of my favorites. Lots of white, empty space left as a means to signify the unknown, uncertainty. The white is like the sky: something into which we launch ourselves but cannot stay. How many times do we look up to the sky and ask "what if?".
The 2-part pieces is just the beginning of a sequence of a twisting launch skyward, starting in the flat realm then lifting upward while flipping.
Each frame is 15"x22"