Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I lost a friend yesterday. Spent the better part of 6 hours talking to people about it; fielding questions to which I did not know the answer.

My friend lost his life being a funhog; enjoying life; exploring the outdoors; living life in the fullest way that he knew how.

My own personal experience of this life is similar. I like to get outdoors. I like to be in the mountains, on the rivers, in the woods, where the world is shaped in non-Euclidean forms and the creatures are not overly self-relfective (they just do).

My recent posts here would suggest that is the only way to "truely" live. That is not the full truth of what I believe. It is just my own experience. I only offer this alternative, non-conventional life, as a way to express my feeling that the majority of people are not really living while they are here. They live for an after life. They live for heaven. They live for riches in the future. They live for the day when it will all change.

To paraphrase someone who I cannot remember right now.....
life is what you are living, right now, while you are waiting for "life" to happen.

Enjoy it while you can, and be a grateful/graceful person while you are here.
That is the impression I got, when I spoke with Jim; that he was living that way.
Nobody is perfect.
Nobody can be perfect.
But, in Jim, the intent to enjoy his surroundings, be enthusiastic and talk to most people, make friends, and love where he was at the moment came through more often than not. I can only hope to get close to that and enjoy this life as much as I can, no matter what my "smelling the roses" is.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010