Monday, March 27, 2006

pre-show etching discount SALE!

I've been getting alot of questions about buying these prints lately. Seems that lots of people are interested. Thanks. I'm flattered that you like them and want to see them hanging on your wall so that they can be enjoyed for a very long time.

Having discovered a terrific sale on black metal frames, that lasts for the next two weeks only, I think that I can offer these prints at a discount from now until the show. But, only until then. After that the price has to go back up to reflect the more normal price of framing and archiving. Additionally, only a very limited amount of each print can be sold now at this lower price because I need to have some left over for the actual show.

Ok, here's the deal... everything listed below is in a 9" x 12" black metal frame with plexiglas. You'll note that the actual image size varies, but that is a concious decisioin, part of the plan, part of the art, part of what helps each piece say what it has to say. Each of the prints that you would like to buy, listed right here for you, are $125. This includes the frame and shipping within the continental United States.

Very limited edition original etchings. Free frame. Free shipping. Send me an email to arrange delivery, or simply mail a note, telling me the title of the print that you want, a check, and your mailing address so I can do the framing and send your new work of art as soon as possible.

titles appear below each image.......

"To Be Run" (3rd state)-----------free framing free shipping

"Ocean Wave"------------------free framing free shipping

"Grabby Wave"-------------------free framing free shipping

"Haystack"----------------------free framing free shipping

"Corner Wave"-------------------free framing free shipping

"Waterfall II" --------------------free framing free shipping

"Waterfall I"----------------------free framing free shipping

"Squeeze"------------------------free framing free shipping

"Rooster Tail"---------------------free framing free shipping

"The Pit (Big Joe)"-------------------free framing free shipping

"Pan Am" (2nd state)---------------free framing free shipping

Act now before they are gone and the price goes back up for the show.
Send the name of the etching that you want to have, with $125, now to:
247 Bulls Bridge Road
South Kent, CT 06785

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