Saturday, March 25, 2006

thoughtful placement

I feel like this gives some implied feeling of renaissance perspectve. Ok. so it's not linear, but the scale and placement will draw you up to the image, as if you've traveled a bit through space, and the move to the right is really just mimicking the image it self. I have also experimented with placing the image towards the top of the paper to uproot it, let it float a little bit, and even suggest that the top is heavier than the bottom. it's ungrounded, like the top of a wave that will eventually come crashing down (before building back up again, top heavy)

this is more focused. It's a view of the chaos squeezed into a narrow frame. A whole bunch of water is trying to get through a narrow passage, just like a crowd of people all running for the same door. The image is centered, but the dark area suggests a way underneath. Making a move like this takes focus. You have to shut out the periphery or it will get even more confusing. With good focus, the chaos starts to make sense, starts to grow more beautiful, and you can see a way into this safely.

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