Monday, July 16, 2012

Making Cyanotypes (and a simple contact frame)

(...just the visually interesting parts are show. There is a lot of work on the computer tweaking the negatives for this unique process. I also don't show the chemical prep. or the mistakes made while dialing in the exposure times. Lots of work goes into these)

A little more care is taken with the large cyanotypes, but it's too long to make into a video on YouTube.

click here  to view the video on YouTube

this is another good intro video on YouTube

The contact frame you see in the video is very simple:
*  $10 tempered glass shelf from Ikea.
*  3/4" plywood cut to 15" x 30"
*  self-adhesive cork shelf liner placed on top of the plywood
*  6 woodworking clamps

If you want one of these cards, visit the link above and participate in the Grand Canyon Gravure project before July 27th.  $10 is all it takes to get hand-made art sent to you in the mail.

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