Friday, July 13, 2012

Kawanhee Cyanotypes

At the two week mark mark (14 days left) I imagine that,
since some of the participants, potential backers, and curious people for the Grand Canyon Gravure project share a connection with Kawanhee, it would be helpful to show some of the prize options that also share that connection to Kawanhee.

The four in this picture above were sold through Colorado Mesa University, thus are gone, but they make a good example of what is available.  Each cyanotype is one-of-a-kind on 5" x 7" paper.  The natural color of a cyanotype is blue, but with bleaching and toning (and sometimes some drawing and brushing) the colors can be changed.

Become a backer and see more options.
Anything is appreicated.
$1 minimum to participate.
$10 is the first award/prize level.

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