Friday, July 20, 2012

Invisible Cities

This wonderful project from Danielle Ezzo has a direct connection to crowd sourcing, but goes far beyond that to explore the meaning of connections; whether it's family, friends, cities, or networks of other sorts.

Artists need to support each other.  Every year there are multiple stories about the millions of dollars in "the arts".  Those stories tend to focus on the large organizations that have access to those funds.  What those stores do not mention are that the large organizations tend to suck up all the grant money and other funding, leaving thousands of individual artists wondering how to find the time and money to make art.  While I don't begrudge any individual's success, I must ask you if you really want another million dollar piece of art from a big-name artist (and all the expense tacked on by dealers, galleries, press agents, etc.) or are you willing to support someone local who would directly benefit from your appreciation of art?

Danielle Ezzo is supporting my Grand Canyon Gravure project and I support her Invisible Cities project.  I think that some of the people who read this would be interested in Invisible Cities.  At a minimum, the video is worth watching.  And, keep an eye out for Danielle Ezzo's work in the future!

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