Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hands are the extension of intent and the instrument of compassion.  Without the ability to act, empathy and compassion are little more than nice words.  The manual dexterity of human beings has allowed people to DO good things, to BE creative compassionate caring and help not just our immediate circle, but to reach out and take action for the benefit of those outside ourselves. 

The feat of creation in the real world adds power to the ethereal.  Movement of hands adds, confirms, and teaches the mind the difference between real and not.  The tactile quality of a physical picture has a presence that projection does not.  A digital image can be printed, thus becoming an artifact, a physical thing.  A hand-made image reveals the work, tells the story of its creation, and the revelations had along the way as hands learned, corrected, and cared for the work of art during it’s making.

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