Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Did You Hear?

or some such reference to a tree falling in the woods.......   (not quite sure what to name this intaglio polymer photogravure print)

A tree falling in the woods makes me think of the internet (bear with me a moment here).  A solitary tree, when it falls (or is felled), will make a noise.  The philosophical question is about whether or not anyone notices the noise, thus has their attention drawn to the event of the tree falling.  Imagine a deep forest, with many trees, and very few distractions.  Surely you'd hear a tree falling.  Now imagine the internet.  Millions of people are "heard" everyday, but do they really exist?  Or, is the white noise loud enough to deafen everyone else to the sound of a single tree falling?  I suppose if one were to pay close attention, then the tree would be noticed.

So, the book.  I'm waiting for some supplies to arrive this week.  While I wait, I'm going into the woods for a few days.  I might as well listen to the trees for a while, before I am called back to the cacophony of "civilization" that houses my studio space.  A step away from documenting and writing about this (polymer) photogravure process will give me the time to remember some things that I may find the need to include.  It will also allow me the space to figure out which steps are superfluous and which are important to think about and have while learning this process.  When I think about it now, this will be a good thing.

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