Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dam Stairs (updated)

This is the first version of this photogravure (km73 polymer).  It's a little flat for my taste so I have reworked the digital version.  I like how dark it is, and think that the problem is that I applied the normal adjustment curve to an image that doesn't have many subtle gradients.  I think that the new transparency will have very little adjustment curve (just a bit to keep a separation between 80 & 90%).  High contrast and scratchy is the aesthetic of this industrial image so the characteristics of the sensitive KM73 plate will be perfect for it.
Update August 1, 2013
Different transparency, different UV exposure unit with different times, different (new) plate makes lots of difference....  ; )

This is good because the original capture (and what pulled me to take the photo) showed the linear highlights that danced around a dingy environment.  It was like an low-key HDR image right in front of me, in real life, without a bunch of digital tweaking.  I suppose that industrial settings can do that.

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