Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let It Rain:

A Paddler's Guide to the Whitewater River of the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada

Several years ago, Alden Bird asked to use some photos of mine from the Housatonic River in Connecticut.   When he finished the guide book, he sent me a copy.  Being a whitewater geek, I was not concerned with where/how my photos were as I excitedly flipped through the pages of Alden's comprehensive edition, searching for new rivers to run.

I recently removed the book from my shelf, dusted it off, and thumbed through it for the first time in a while.  (drought conditions, teaching responsibilites, and a growing art career have conspired to keep me out of my boat more than once this year)  I am very proud to have my photos included in this book, and full of child-like glee that you can see two of them on the internet, on the book's website, on the sample pages section that displays the Bulls Bridge section of the Housatonic.

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