Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grand Canyon photogravure (so far)

Slideshow.  (if the show does not start in a few seconds, click here)

These are the 12 photogravures that have been editioned in sepia.  (only 10 copies each)  A few of them are editioned in a custom mixed thalo black ink.  My goal for this summer is to finish the thalo black edition and start work on the second batch of 12 plates for this suite.

The entire project is developed enough now that I feel I can start showing it to galleries/dealers, with the qualifier that the series not yet finished.

A few of you already have acquired copies from this suite of prints.  Thank you.  I hope you enjoy the fact that you are the first collectors of this project, and are participating at the earlier stages of it's development.  Your support and feedback are felt and very much appreciated.

(and now a link to a list of printmaking terms for the curious)

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