Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Chaotic Order (again?) a new translation

thinking of both the screen prints and the acrylic paintings....

New Chaotic Order, what is that? other than a title to that blue cycle print I made in September with much difficulty?

It gets me thinking about the repetition of a small matrix to create a slightly disordered sort of random new matrix that is almost 100% repeated, but not completely, and only for a very short time, then probably not reproducable in the future.
I suppose that, in many ways, it's the entropic side of the chaos theory conversation.

Without regard to the verity of the above thought train, it gives me a new idea. Instead of using the same screen in a variety of ways, to make an edition of multiples, I should use a variety of screens, in the same sequence, but placed in a different position on each piece of paper in the suite.

The order of the process will be the same in each iteration, but the collective image on each sheet will be different. It will be an experiment in movement and will. If I position the screens by hand, I cannot possibly make a mark in the same place on each sheet. I can get close but not the same place. It's a demonstration of the failure of will in that respect. But, the intention and effort are will itself. And, when I chose to change the position, to consiously be different, then it's an obvious demonstration of will in a successful (if not simplistic) light.

And yet, if the order of screens, during the process, is the same on each page, as well as the ink, then structure, will, contrast, tension, repetition, accident, chaos, chance, process and time are all discussed in a sort of visual hermeneutics, in which the challenge lies in the progressive translation throughout the process, which will dictate the conditions of every following decision. And, when the suite is finished, the appearance of relationship between the pieces will be obvious, but the degree and specifics of the relationship will be subject to translation.

The best way to explore this, to start the translation, is to make the repetitions that don't mimick each other, pile it on, layer it up cover what happens to get covered and hope the transparency allows ore translation than speculation. Much like the repetition of the acrylic paintings.

For screenprints, I'll make a suite of 21 and use the screens I have now (to start). A new screen might be needed, but I'll let the process dictate that.

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