Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Monoprint Screenprints

made as the process of pulling multiple prints starts to get wound up, too tight, and the urge to draw quickly comes to the surface

stemming from the fact that I have a load of acrylic ink in a screen, and a desire to paint and compose more loosely, relfecting a less ordered sense of subject while creating a direction of movement that is not cyclical, except, perhaps, in the familiarity of the mark and pattern of gesture

sometimes random, forceful and surrendering to chance, while occasionally lucid and decisive, marks are made quickly so that I may jump on the passing whim and float in unison long enough to capture the fleeting moment before it breaks apart again

similar intents from different directions
similar forms with different intents
bask in each other's presence, crash, combine, coexist, repel, and resist each other in the inherent tension of motion

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