Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Silkscreen fun

working on some prints for the Wave Cycle show in January. These are the first couple of screens I made based on the thick acrylic paintings I've been making. The idea is to continue working with motion and layering in another medium. Working with printmaking techniques also allows me to address varying differences in repetition like I wrote about here before I tackle the issue in thicker paint.

This is the first image, printed twice here to show the repeated shapes and motion within each image and how they can be linked together to start larger patterns.

I got a little carried away tonight, having fun making a series of 6 prints, moving the registration marks to make the layers obvious and the over all image vibrant and confusing. The photo is not the best, but if you look cloesly you'll see three different reds. I like the underlying green and blue in this one, but I think the next work will involved related local colors in multiple layers.

some influences......
Ryan McGinness

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Estelle said...

the first image is home.