Sunday, November 18, 2007

color decisions (making a print)

I wanted the base color for this cycle to be a little bit different in each wave, then have the other two colors be the same and see what the relative colors were for each image as they formed the cycle

here is the first pass, frist screen, first colors

and the next screen added some shape to the image as well as the spinning, cyclical motion

the last screen makes the wave image more obvious but brings about some interesting connections between each of the four blocks
I'm not sure if the blue is too much contrast, or makes the shape too linear. there are six of these and I think that I'll go over a couple of them with the screen again and lay some red over the blue to bring some more color harmony into the picture. Comparing the two versions will be fun.

one note about the small spaces between the blocks: the misregistration is on purpose, sorta Part of the intent in my process is to expose the hand-made look and feel to the images. I registered this print with lines drawn on the table, which no matter how accurate I am, the process is imperfect. Gaps and overlaps also add an unstable feeling to a very contrived image. The four blocks feel like they might either be flying apart or colliding.

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