Friday, November 16, 2007

silkscreen decisions

I knew that I wanted to repeat the image at least three times. It made sense to also make an upside down row to complete a cycle. The image below is the first step. This entire process uses two screens.

Interesting, but there needed to be more. I turned away from the fleshy colors and back to water-associated colors for the next layer.

at this point I already was liking the image and wondered if I should stop. Since I really wanted to see what could happne if I kept layering, I saved one copy of this version and continued layering on top of the others.

I also took out two additional pieces of paper to experiment with some other combinations as the process continued.

Below you will see the final version. I stopped counting the layers after the fifth one. There are at least six layers of the main screen and three of the other screen.

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