Thursday, September 06, 2007

A process in painting.

these four paintings are in various stages of development so my process is revealed. Moving water is still the stepping-off point for these paintings, but elements of my own wonder about the universe as well as my personal belief in the connection between water and flesh slip into the work as they are made.

ethereal light, transparency, movement, the cosmos in the water

this one is purposely rought, and the photo was taken just after some acrylic was dumped on it. Kind of looks like vomit. The acrylic will clear and crack,and make an interesting texture.

fresh paste, that will become transparent as it dries. sometimes the water feels this thick, so I like that the medium is thick and opaque at the beginning, and with more time, it becomes clear and more gentle

some reef rash looking stuff that will heal and eventually turn into a lovely deep wave after layers and layers of work and acrylic are added

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