Saturday, September 29, 2007

patient and subtle

not moving as quickly as I would like to, but that is how this type of painting goes; a few moments of inspiration and spontenaity, then many hours of looking and waiting for the paint to settle and dry. The work challenges me to develop a more sophisticated eye and pushes me to find a better balance between making ideas/perceptions obvious and allowing the subtlties to float to the surface.

this one is starting to clear up better. I added another thin layer since last time (actually 2 layers). The background red is starting to peak through like I want it to....

this one is thick enough that it won't go completely clear, but there will still be transparency so hints of the bottom-most layers. it will clear up more than it is right now,however.

I like how this one is evolving. I didn't like it at first, then really enjoyed the effect with the first thick layer, when the red filled in the sweeping grooves to give more feeling to the motion and add some pronounced depth. Now, it's getting more complex, but the contrast is growing more subtle and not as simplistic. I'm anxious to see what happens over the next month with this one.

I think I overdid the red interference layer on this one. It almost completely hid the first two layers. I'm patiently waiting for the white part to become completely clear to see if I am right. The trick with this piece will be to view it from many different angles so that they light can bounce off the texture on the bottom layer. If the light is at a certain angle, the surface just glares and you cannot see into the painting. I suppose that is a perfect reflection of how water behaves with light (pun very much intended)

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