Thursday, September 13, 2007

the process continues

Here are the same four paintings after some time and more work.....

This one is not quite this dark, but you get the idea. I've added accents to the peaks of the liquid medium, and placed more acrylic on top of the left side to bury the orange part in some more turbulence. It will grow increasingly transparent and you'll be able to see what is underneath much better in a month or two.

Here is the one that had a big blob of medium dropped on it in the last post. Notice how it's cleared and become translucent. It will not be totally transparent because of the metal flakes suspended in it, but the colors and some vague shapes from the underlying layers will still be revealed. Next step is to dull down the orange ground so it is not so overpowering, but I still want to do that in a way that allows the brightness to peak through in some spots.

Below, the medium has started to clear,and I've added a red transparent paint to fill in and accentuate the troughs of medium, emphasizing the movement and flow of the painting.

And here is the "reef rash" one that has been covered with another layer of paint. I am thinking of the process on this particular work as a healing wound. Now the protective scab has formed. Next, more flexible liquid skin will grow.

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