Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Surfing Print Sale (big wave fun)

Wave Prints

I thought they'd have to be more expensive, but after selling several outside of the kayaking world I found a way to offer a much better price to those in the kayaking world. So, have a look at these and let me know if you could imagine having one of these hand made prints hanging on your wall.
(information is printed below each photo)

This is the original proof that I made. I like this one so much that I'm keeping it. It is up here so that you can see what the prints look like with a mat around them. The mat opening is about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. It crops the image a little bit, but cleans it up nicely.

Group #1
Each of these four ocean wave prints are inside a 9" x 9" frame without a mat. I enjoy them this way, but you can order one with a mat if that is what you wish. There are only 6 copies of each one made. One of each are already gone.

They sell for $60 each. Please specify which ones you want. For example: say you want the green wave with yellow/gold sky from group #1. (yes, it's more gold in real life than in the photo)

Kayaker Prints

Group #2
Each one of these is also inside a 9" x 9" frame without a mat. If a mat is included it will be about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 like the first picture in this posting. Only 6 copies of each of these, except for the one with the yellowish sky and green wave. That has 12 copies because I liked it so much. 2 copies of that are already sold, and one of each of the others is already gone.

$60 for each one of these that you'd like to have.

Red Wave
This is also in a 9"x9" frame. The sky is a bit more orange that can be shown on the internet. Only 6 of these were printed. 2 of them are already sold and shipped, so that leaves just 4 available if it's something that you'd like to have.

Price is $60 like the others.

Surf Kayaker Group
These 9" x 9" framed prints have an image size that is a little bit larger than 6" x 6" and are available in 4 different kayak colors and 3 different colors of water. 4 are shown here as an example of what they look like framed. The full range of options are available to be seen in previous posts, aranged by color of the kayak.

Each cost only $60
red kayak
orange kayak
yellow kayak
blue kayak

Kayaker Prints

quantities are VERY LIMITED on each of these because of the exceptional variety of options available. If you like one of these, it would be best to jump on it as soon as possible.

Red Wave Cycle
This matted image is 10" x 10" and the frame measures a bit over 19" x 19".
I really enjoy this one. It's the first one I hung up in my place. It reminds me of the cyclical movement of waves. It's a movement that sometimes throws us around for a wild ride, and at other times we can move and flow with for a more gentle experience.
This image has four times the printed surface as the others, and is over four times the size when framed. Shipping can be FREE in the U.S. but only if we can keep a reasonable price of
There are only 5 of these made and there will be 5 made with the blue on blue color scheme before I stop making them. (1 of the red colored ones is already spoken for)

Now, I'll have to take this post down at the end of the month so that I can keep selling these outside of the kayaking and surfing world. Order now if you think that you can, and would enjoy a piece of original art made by a fellow fan of fun of waves. Or, write down what you want and we can make a deal in the near future.

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lifeofloon said...

very nice scott.

lifeofloon said...

very nice scott.