Monday, January 15, 2007

red wave (single and cycle)

this image is 5" x 5"

to some, the red and orange are calming sunset/sunrise, while to others the bright colors evoke a high arousal state of exitement and energy

and this one is 10" x 10"

this is a "cycle" of waves. It's the same image printed four times, but you'll notice the slight differences in registration and inking on each of the four, just like you can look at the same break and see subltly different waves each time one rolls in
(it also reminds me of the tumbling motion found in a break)


quentin said...

i found this site from the surfing waves forum.
this looks really good.
i have used that technique before and am now reluctant to not have art classes in school anymore (too old)
because we used the same technique, would have been a great inspiration!

ScottBarnes said...

thanks. block prints have a nice aesthetic and are one of the most immediate printing processes. I really enjoy it.

when are we ever too old for school?