Tuesday, January 09, 2007

new block cut wave

here is an effort to experiment with the commercialization of what has become known as "extreme sports"; those sports which can be dangerous and often bring participants to a beautiful natural setting. With natural settings becoming less and less part of the human natural experience we have a tendency to commodify and package an experience in nature. The ages old concept of "man versus nature" still exists even though we have become the most successful species on this planet. "Ecotourism", as a word, evokes sentiments of conservation and living in harmony with nature. Ecotourism as a marketting scheme usually involves a "man versus nature" campaign designed to either pull at feelings of conquest or elicit the sensation that the tourist company has already tamed nature on your behalf.

What in the world does this have to do with waves?

How many people are drawn to the ocean or the river with the thought of waves?

How few actually venture into the waves?

How few of those, spend enough time to start understanding the nature of these natural phenomena?

(or this entire thing could just be that I like waves, but couldn't be on one right now, so I decided to embark on a creative meditation about waves. The nice thing is that there are now beautiful artifacts of that experience)

What do you think?


Rob said...

i like #1 & #2-when can we buy them????

ScottBarnes said...

when they are dry and I get some frames together.

ScottBarnes said...

I have the frames. I'll get some prints all ready over the weekend.