Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Transparency for inkjet negatives

This post is an encouragement to all artists who make inkjet negatives and are reluctant to experiment because of the expense of high-quality transparency material.  Why not look to other industries?  Photographers are not the only ones who require high-quality transparencies that hold a lot of ink.  My background is in printmaking.  Screen printers have made the transition from image setters and wet darkroom negatives to inkjet transparencies too.

This is the stuff I use, and have yet to find any difference between it (Fixxons Waterproof Inkjet Screen Positive Film) and Pictorico Ultra Premium.

See what I use here...

Below are links to films I found with a quick internet search.  I have not tested them, but wanted to give you and idea of how much is out there.  Some is proprietary, some is just relabeled transparency from the same factories overseas.  Less than $50 for a box of 100 (8.5 x 11) should encourage great experiments.




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