Wednesday, March 16, 2011

warm day turpentine

First day that was well above 50 degrees was a perfect excuse to spend a little time outside and start a painting that has had an under-drawing on it for about two years. The complementary painting to this one was finished in June of 2009 and has been waiting for it's twin for too long. (both are on 3/4" wood panel that measures 23 7/8" x 47 7/8")

I debate whether to call these paintings or drawings. I don't care about the category except when someone (for some odd reason) feels the need to make me define them one way or another.

The green stain (which I made from oil paint) will have to dry for a few days. When it is dry enough to be permanent, I'll start woking into the piece with lumber crayon, oil bar, and china marker. At some point, it needs a little bit more paint, but most of the work is done with drawing materials.
here is an update with the painting/drawing almost finished, and sitting next to it's twin

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