Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Grand Canyon Sketchbook featured on MyArtSpace.com


on their front page, click on "artists", "galleries", or "images" links to see the artists featured this month.

Here is part of the email that let me know...

"Less than 5% of all artists on myartspace get featured. The speed of that may have seemed nearly like a computer response to posting your work. I can assure you all our featured images are hand selected, mostly as the images come in daily but sometimes art can be featured from past galleries. Or there can be days or weeks of time since the initial display of work. We sometimes miss great work but we try our best to feature the most current, remarkable art across all genres.

All incoming work, (including featured work), can be seen under the filter option by selecting the most recent pull down menu when selecting artists, galleries or images.

We have a variety of ways in which we feature art and artists:

1. Featured artist - our default display when selecting ARTISTS on the home page menu bar, being a featured artist automatically features your galleries.

2. Media window - our media window on the front page displays recently featured art. This list of art rotates weekly and starts in a new place in the list every time you reenter or refresh the site

3. Our weekly featured an opt in weekly newsletter that gets distributed to 45,000+ recipients, gives an in depth look into a select group of artist and their work."

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