Friday, May 29, 2009

New Statement

that is more concise than the normal rambling.....

Through countless hours of observing moving water, this work uses formal complementary elements
to build dialogues about observation, movement, and pathfinding.

No matter what I am doing, three challenges always arise.

1. What do I genuinely see in front of me, and how do I represent it
with marks that will map what's been revealed?

2. Is there a break in the regularity that illuminates, by contrast, the uniformity of chaos
and the disorder of repetition?

3. Does any of this dictate a specific path to be followed, and just how far can I really see?

I hope to achieve universality through investigation of the specific subject/phenomenon
of moving water, both through it's observed appearance and my own interaction with it.
The research allows me to build a cycle of metaphors that include
art as water
water as life
life as art

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