Friday, May 01, 2009

Lam Khong at Jaz B Studios in Denver

Lam was one of four house mates in Corciano, Italy in the fall of 2003. From that time, when I first met Lam, up to the present, his work has been relevant and inspirational. He achieves relevance without the (seemingly required in the art world today, or at least the articles) irony, by acknowleding both the temporal nature of humanity as well as it's beauty. He subjugates himself to the work, allowing the awesome to shine through, inspired by the long history of Christian painting, without lapsing into dogmatism.

Lam's work preserves pure curiosity and wonder about both physical and metaphysical ponderings through a human gaze upon the natural world. If you have an opportunity to see the work in person, it is surely worth the effort. You may rediscover a feeling of awe. You may not look at the world the same again.

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