Friday, October 12, 2007

Wave Cycle in Rhode Island

the upcoming show in January and February of 2008 in Rhode Island will be called "Wave Cycle". Here is what it is about....

I am interested in the cycles of nature, and am particularly drawn to the water, where I study repetitions in waves. They all have the same basic shape, but no two are exactly alike. This makes me curious about fidelity in reproduction.

* what are acceptable amount of imperfection in each copy?

* at what point does something differ enough so that it ceases to be a copy and realize a life, label, and nature of its own?

* how imperfect are the most "perfect" copies?

Reproduction, copies, replication are common terms in evolutionary biology. Since I am not an evolutionary biologist, I choose to continue looking at the waves to see their differences. Printmaking techniques offer the same questions. We are taught methods of reproduction that minimize imperfecctions, but the older techniques still reveal uniqueness in every print of an edition. Every print that I pull has the same basic shape and image as the others in its set, but none are exactly the same. Waves and prints are like family members. Some are twins. Others are sibilings. A few are simply the same species.

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