Tuesday, September 19, 2006

some favorites...

12" x 16"
this is an oil that is part what I had called the "over the edge" series, in which I explored the horizon line as seen by whitewater boaters just before they fall over a big drop or waterfall. I tried to capture the feeling of anticipation, the turbulent movement of water, and the heightened sense of being while paddling difficult whitewater in which a kayaker feels both very human as well as like a superhero

24" x 48"
this is one oil painting of several I made about one of my favorite surf spots on a river. I used lots of red as an excited color as well as the naples yellow to give a little bit of sense of the flesh, how we need to protect it from cold water, and how wonderful the sensation of warm water is against the skin, especially when floating a playing in it. The overall impression from far away is a kind of peach tone, which also is fleshy, so I (unofficially) refer to this one as "Georgia Peach"

Just a view to show the 4" stretchers and how far this piece pushed out from the wall. I like the raw canvas on the side because it is a less proccessed look and matches many different surfaces against which it hangs. Also a bit of the raw canvass/ naked skin thing going on here...

6" x 12"
I struggle and struggle with water color, and only recently have begun to feel a little more free with the medium as I just surrender to it and draw as I know how to draw.
Another water scene, sunset colors, turbulent hole/wave, transparent yet powerful froth
It is very much a point of view from the same level as the surface of this feature, looking at the mound that is a horizon line into the "v" sweet spot.

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