Saturday, September 23, 2006

"over the edge" series

I also sometimes referred to this stuff as "horizon" series, but "over the edge" more accuarately captures the intent of thinking about that moment that happens just at the lip of the horizon...

this is an etching/aquatint and is one of four done like this using two different zinc printing plates. Each one of the four is a slightly different color somewhere between this orange/red/fleshy tone and a more yellow tint. The image itself is about 6"x12" with the overall paper size approx. 12"x18"
The intent was to show how converging currents meet at a falls. Look closely and you'll see that the background color (the second printing plate) is a waterfall style image also

This is also an etching and aquatint. I, personally, think that this one worked out a bit better in communicating both the "over the edge" theme with an overlapping stream. I am a big fan of Japanese woodcuts and though it would a bit of a challenge to give a small tip of the hat to the style while using a different printing medium.
The paper size is a little less than 18"x18" with each printing plate (therfore image) is about 12" long

this started as an underpainting,and the bubbly water worked so well immediately, and I just loved the powerful, confident brush strokes of the falls so much that I had to stop and realize that it was done.
12"x24" oil on canvas

purposely using a flesh tone as I thought about the vulnerability of the flesh while going over one of these horizon lines, but also the close, intimate relationship between flesh and water
12"x24" oil on canvas

I left the canvas blank in the corner as a means to think about the unknown element in a waterfall/horizon line. A super simple thought process here: I literally was imagining boofing into the unknown.
12"x24" oil on canvas

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