Saturday, May 13, 2006

simple overlaps

difficult to see in the photo.... but I am amazed at how just the overlap of the transparent acrylic paint (over the pencil lines) can create such a sense of depth and layering. It's most likely because the image is so simple that the overlap and transparency have the ability to be on an equally important ground; whereas if they image was very complex that overlap and transparency would be relegated to an "oh yea, that too" kind of status.

Additionally, I am really excited how the acrylic maintains it's appearance of fluidity even once dry. I think that it dries fast enough, and has the proper viscosity to allow the streaks and variations to remain visible (as a record of both the motion of the brushstroke and the evident liquid form of the the paint)

I have played with ink before and it's a bit too flat. The acrylic emultion stands up, away from the paper a little bit. I just might have to go back and make more of these, and investigate this technique further as a way to explore some of the dichotomies that actually lead to a third state of existence.


I'm really glad that I've been able to realize a new way (for me) to use acrylic paint, and it has opened up more ways to make paintings, while still actually using paint.

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