Tuesday, May 09, 2006

double decker P B & J

that last post was a bit serious, so I thought I'd share something lighter with you: my favorite sandwich in the world...

the double decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

I prefer creamy peanut butter and raspberry preserves. But, of course, chunky peanut butter and any kind of jelly will work.

The key to this sandwich is two things:
1. 3 slices of bread
2. placing the peanut butter on the first and third slices of bread.

use 3 slices of bread because it's a double decker sandwich, not two sandwiches smashed together. It's an alternating combination of bread, filling, bread, filling, bread.

I like to apply the peanut butter first. Spread some on two pieces of bread. Doing this first is best, because the little bit of peanut butter left on your knife is less likely to come off in the jelly jar than if you did it the other way around. Everything is kept separate until you want it to be combined.

After wiping the excess peanut butter from the knife, then I like to put jelly on the third piece of bread and make a normal PB&J sandwhich out of it and one of the peanut buttered pieces.

Here's the fun part. The part that makes me feel like a little kid...
On top of your "normal" PB&J sandwhich, you get to smear MORE jelly!
It's ok. You're mom won't yell at you, because you have an extra piece of bread with peanut butter that you can SLAP down on top of that mess (and make a double decker PB&J sandwhich). See, you're not a mess. You're a gourmet!

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