Saturday, December 29, 2012

Page, AZ (looking forward to the trip)

Driving through the desert, from southern Colorado, gets me psyched for the Grand Canyon.

Those who have followed the Grand Canyon Gravure project know that this Fall has been all about getting the plates made, and pulling prints.  I encountered several delays, some more challenging than others.  But now, I am happy to say that I have several new plates made, and have been able to make initial test prints from each of them, so the project is well under way.

I should mention that one of the things that has delayed the completion of this project is preparing for another trip through the Grand Canyon.  I was invited on a unique mission that I could not turn down.  Preparing for the trip has taken much time away from making prints from the last trip.  In the long run, however, it will allow me to documents some of the places I couldn't the first time around.

This website has new images ready to appear over the next 15 days (including this one).  All of the images are test prints from photogravure plates.  They will play as I am in Arizona, during the two prep days for and the 12 travel days on the Colorado River.

"Horseshoe Bend"
Graphic Chemical Sepia on Rives BFK

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