Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stone Voices

"The ease of digital photography, with its ability to collect thousands of images rapidly, seems as personal as the thousands of "friends" in the online world. My exploration of historical photographic processes have let me slow down and work with images that are like close friends. The photogravure process demands thorough knowledge of several different workflows, most of which are manual, intimate techniques of creating an image. The process is slow, and allows time for me to get to know the image like a good friend. The final steps of inking, wiping, and printing are like a pat on the back, a handshake, and the revelation of something that only a close relationship can give."

I wrote that when I sent my images in to Stone Voices for (hopeful) participation in the "Inspired By Joy" Summer Issue. I like the premise of the art and literary journal, starting with their tag line (mission statement?), "Connecting Art and Spirit". Each issue is a (mostly) juried competition in which visual artists send in their work with a statement, then writers create work based on the journey the visual work inspires. The collaboration is remote, but the connection is real.

Hopefully someone is inspired enough by my work to write something wonderful.

(I don't think that my work has a link off any of the pages yet, but I was playing with Google Images and what do you know?... there they were, waiting to inspire writers who enter the juried competition)

disclaimer (clarification by expansion): I do enjoy digital photography. I participate heavily. My comments are an explanation of WHY I have been drawn to an older process. Slowing down has a different aesthetic than the fast-paced, instant-gratification world that surrounds us. And, I won't say that it is more or less beautiful. It's just that the beauty is different.

Here is the full gallery with all the artists for writers' viewing.

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