Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PIPA/SOPA only protects the big media goons

I am an artist. I do not want people to steal my work, profit from it, or share it without my consent, but PIPA/SOPA are not doing anything at all to help me.
PIPA/SOPA is removing the mechanism for sharing.
PIPA/SOPA is removing the avenues for individual artists and small media companies to share their work and build any business.
PIPA/SOPA is making it harder for individual artists.
PIPA/SOPA does nothing at all for small artists or small creative companies and is a mechanism of the large media companies who do not have any respect for their audience.
PIPA/SOPA is NOT a mechanism to protect artists.
PIPA/SOPA is a means to stifle art.
PIPA/SOPA only services the wealthy mediocre big media companies who "donate" millions to individuals in the legislature to write laws that protect only the big mediocre companies.

You like my work?
Thank you.
Please don't reproduce it and claim it as your own.
But, you CAN share it with a link to the work; something that might be illegal if PIPA/SOPA pass and become law.

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