Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rescue Me Phone iPhone app

My youngest brother graduates this May from Stevens.
He is on the design team for this project, so check it out.

from the front page of the website
here is a brief description:

"What is RescueMe Phone?

In recent earthquakes, those trapped underground could signal only their presence to rescuers by striking a stone, shouting, or blowing a whistle. From these percussive signals, rescuers know that someone is still alive, but not who is trapped, where they are, or what their status is. The RescueMe Phone application digitally encodes the information rescuers need into the timing between the victim’s percussive signals. Rather than just signaling their presence, the trapped person can send their location or cell phone number. Once their location is known, the rescuers can begin digging. Their cell phone number tells rescuers who is trapped. At the disaster site, rescuers use specialized radio equipment to make a cell phone call to the victim."

Ever been in a subway or a tunnel and lose cell service?
Ok, so then how does THIS work to make the underground connection?

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