Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Narrow Confines of Art

sometimes I'll throw my voice into the argument, sometimes I am tired of the debate between art, Art, artisan, crafts, and the varying (often nitpicky) distinctions between them.
Perhaps, instead of fighting over which activity is or is not art, we should ask if it inspires art, or is capable of artistic moments. I bring this up because only so much can be done by thinking of aesthetics, pondering the questions, or conceptualizing "artistic" ideas. Involving physical motion, practice, endeavoring to be better at a craft/skill has just as much ability to bring forth unique insight. And, I am talking about the kind of craft that is not intentionally art, or couched in normal art terms.

I am proud to know many people "outside the Arts" who have the ability to look at their work creatively and find moments of art in their field....
furniture makers
picture framers
auto mechanics and body repair painters
kayak makers
surfboard shapers
civil engineers
software engineers
(and there are more that I'll surely think of later)

Who do you know who is not an "artist", but has moments of creativity, insight, and possibly Art?

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