Wednesday, December 12, 2007

screen check (black and white)

this is another animted GIF, this time to show the three screens that will (in on version) be layered on top of each other as well as be printed in sequence. ( I am tempted to make two more images to make a more complete cycle)

Click on the image to see the animation in a new window.

after making a few screens I need to check them by making a print with each one. All turned out well.

these first two are related. The top image will be the first layer. Whatever color I decide to use the value will be mid tone or a bit lighter. Adding some transparent medium will probably help the image be more luminant

this is the top layer, to be printed directly on top of the first layer. I'll have to make some experiments to see how opaqe and how dark to make this one.

The image below is from one sceen. The idea is to print this image as a base layer, flip the screen around, and print another layer with a different color on top. Like above, I'll have to play with different degrees of transparenty/opacity to discover the right combination.

after finding that Calvin and Hobbes screen, that my brother made in high school. I just could not resist re-making the one that I made too. I can have my old tshirt back ; )

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