Friday, February 09, 2007

something old, something new
some postes of older work
tshirt I designed about the "water" part of things.


EHBS said...

I have one of the posters and I'm sad to say it's starting to fade even though it's not in direct sunlight. :( Maybe it's time to order a new one?

ScottBarnes said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately posters fade faster than original art. I recently found a bunch of my old posters from my favorite bands when I was growing up. Not quite as bright as they used to be.
Most of the posters on my site are images of artwork in which the original was sold, so I don't even get to see them unless I print out a poster myself.

ehbs said...

It's okay that it's faded. I think that adds character to the colors. But, I do miss the vibrancy.

heidi said...

Just got the 'yak' shirt - love, love, love it!