Monday, December 18, 2006

Allan Stone

I never met Allan Stone, but I have known his daughter from kayaking for a few years now.
I had the pleasure of visiting his house this past summer, and was completely blown away at the sheer volume of quality work that hangs all over the place. Jessie had to just leave me alone because I was so tranced out by it all.
(As a side note: my absolute favorite Wayne Theibault piece is in that house.)

I'm sure that there are other collectors and dealers as compulsively obsessive as Mr. Stone, (at least I'm hoping so) and more who decide to make collection a large part of their life, simply for the sheer joy of having art pass through their hands and becoming involved in the greater art world.

I never got to know the man, but I have felt his impact and am happy that he was here.

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