Friday, July 07, 2006


I have doubts in statements becaus they seem so final. Art is not final. It is an on-going process.

I am using waves as a medium through wich I explore the experiences of my life, particularly instances fo the sublime.

A wave is the transmission of energy; an idea, a movement, light. The sublime is an experiences that cannot be effectively explained. It is a moment and a feeling, and it becomes that which we all chase, through numerous avenues; religion, work, play, meditation, distruction and creation. The sublime needs a medium through which it can be expressed. A wave also demands expression through a medium. Both, by themselves, are otherwise unexpressable. They are a moment before that which is about to happen.

The work is a journal, a record of my exploration. Through intense focus on one specific subject, I discover more facets of the subject, more ways in which a wave will manifest, and more mediums through which to express them. As I grow, so does my language. As I answer questions, more questions arise from the answers. And, just like trying to re-experience a sublime moment, every time I attempt to represent the same wave, it is different. The only way to recreate the experience is to fully explore it and let the new questions lead me to new contexts. I've explored waves through drawing, painting, print-making, photograpy, video, as well as thousands of hours spent surfinf in specialized kayaks, and even some beginning steps at board surfing.

This is not a performance. It is an exploration. It is life.

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