Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mountain Climbing from Weld

The Weld General Store asked me to print up some more of these Seaverns W. Hilton prints.  I made a few sizes: postcards, 8 x 14 (6 x 12 image), 11 x 17 (8 x 16).   Visit the store when you are in town and get one of these reproductions of the historical mural that used to hang on the outside wall of the General Store.

*** one thing to note, is that this is an accurate historical reproduction so still has the old Chimney Trail listed.  That trail has been closed for a long time because of land slides.  It no longer exists and people should NOT go there.  These prints should not be used for navigation.  They are a faithful reproduction of a very old map that used to be available in the town a long time ago.  Anyone who is looking for a trail map that is current can find that at the Weld General Store too.  Be sure to ask for the current map if you plan to hike.

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